UPDATE: GSM Google Nexus S gets manual update to Android 4.0.3

News that the Google Nexus S would be getting Ice Cream Sandwich hit blogs everywhere earlier today. Unfortunately, details were thin and everything was up in the air. Now, nothing is left to the imagination because the package is available for download and manual update.

Yes, though usually, releases lag behind promised dates, the month waiting period that was circulating around blogs was circumvented and here’s the direct download link. So if you’re one of those Android users that is comfortable with booting into recovery and patching up your phone yourself, you’re in luck.

Once you download the file, rename it to update.zip and transfer it to the internal storage on your device. Boot into recovery by holding the volume up button and the power button while rebooting. Select “apply update from /sdcard” and choose the zip file you just transferred. The package is the all new Android 4.0.3 which is the latest update and will update your system, radio, and other partitions. ENJOY!

via Android Central

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