UPDATE: Verizon gives in, no more inconvenient convenience fee

You’ve been reading all the hullabaloo surrounding Verizon’s recent announcement that they would be hitting users with a $2 dollar convenience fee for one time payments. This morning, we also found out that the FCC was taking matters into their own hands and promising consumers further investigation. Well, it looks like that was the last straw. Verizon has officially decided to “encourage customers to take advantage of the best and most efficient options” in an effort toward “eliminating the need to institute the fee at this time”. Who knows if that means it’ll come later on but the community has spoken. This is a real testament to blogs like DroidDog.com that help raise community awareness about nonsensical missteps by companies and snip them in the bud so to speak. Pat yourselves on the back readers!

via Phonescoop

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