Vector Unit pushes Shine Runner to the Android Market

All you Vector Unit fans rejoice, they’ve done it again. Vector Unit is the Android game developer behind Riptide GP, the graphically intensive waverunner racing game. For those keeping track of Tegra 3 announcements, you may have seen segments of the game wherein they are demonstrating new additions based on Tegra 3′s ability to leverage 4 cores simultaneously. Well, that very same company has just announced that their new game, Shine Runner, will be available in the Market tomorrow.

Shine Runner is set in what can only be described as the antithesis to a future where waverunners rule: a swamp populated by rednecks. The premise is that you are an airboat-ridin’ moonshine smuggler. The game’s goal is to maximize your score over a 10-day period of smuggling while keeping one step ahead of the fuzz. Doesn’t it sound like fun?

via Android Central

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