Verizon confirms $2 convenience fee for one-time payments

Unfortunately, dealing with a wireless carrier means understanding that there are fees, surcharges, and other fees tacked onto those initial fees that we, as subscribers, have to deal with. We’ve seen it happen with almost every carrier out there: fees that pop up for no apparent reason. Verizon is adding to the bunch with a brand new $2 fee that they have confirmed will be tacked onto any one-time payments made in a specific situation.

In an email sent to PhoneScoop, Verizon has confirmed that the new $2 fee will go into effect for anyone making a one-time payment. However, this new rule and fee only applies if you:

  • Pay online with a credit or debit card
  • Pay with Verizon’s call-in channels with a debit or credit card

So, while there are obviously other ways to pay, it’s still a gut check to anyone who pays online with their card, and hasn’t activated auto-payments. If you feel like that $2 is ridiculous and you decide you don’t want to pay it, here are some options:

  • Sign up for auto-pay
  • Activate Direct Bill from your bank
  • Go into a store and pay there
  • Pay with an electronic check
  • Use a Verizon rebate, gift or rewards card
  • Mail a check into Verizon

So, there you have it. This all begins on January 15th.

via PhoneScoop