Verizon Confirms 4G LTE Outage, is Working to Resolve Problem

Verizon is having a bad day. Early this morning there were rumors flying about the G-NEX being delayed, and now LTE outages are being reported across the country. The cause of the first one probably has a lot to do with the second one. However, unlike the G-NEX situation Verizon has something to say regarding the LTE outage:

Verizon Wireless engineers have been working to resolve an issue with 4GLTE service that is affecting some customers’ 4G devices.  3G data and voice devices are unaffected.  All customers’ voice calls and text messages continue to go through. In the past 24 hours, some 4GLTE customers have reported their devices are operating on 3G data service where they would normally get 4G.  Some have reported no issues, others that data access is either intermittent or unavailable.  We are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

The sooner the better, because we can’t have the G-NEX without LTE. Are any of our readers having LTE issues today?

via Droid-Life

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