Verizon experiencing a major data outage

It just doesn’t look like Verizon is having the best of luck with their data network this month. It hasn’t been all that long at all since Verizon was hit with a 4G data outage that spanned the entirety of the United States, leaving plenty of 4G LTE-based device owners out there saddened without their connectivity. While the outage being reported on today doesn’t seem to be as widespread (yet) as the 4G outage earlier in the month, it does reportedly affect both 3G and 4G this time around.

A quick search through the Verizon support forums tells us that outages on both 3G and 4G are occurring in States like California, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, California and Colorado. There has been a confirmation from a Verizon support representative that an outage is being monitored, but that more information isn’t available.

Are you experiencing an outage? Let us know in the comments.

via PhoneDog; The Verge

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