Verizon Galaxy Nexus to sell for $229.99 at Lets Talk, only $154.99 with coupon

We’ve recently seen that the price of phones has been greatly increasing, with high-end phones costing as much as $300 with a contract. The newest phone to hit that price tag is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon, but Lets Talk is looking to save customers some bucks. Starting tonight at midnight, the site will be launching the phone with a low $229.99 price tag. It gets even better. With a coupon, the phone will only cost $154.99.

To achieve such a great price is simple. Head on over to Lets Talk Facebook page (available at the source), and hit the “Verizon Deals” sidebar. It’s that simple. Customers looking to upgrade will get charged just a little more, at $174.99. This price is almost half of what Verizon will be selling the phone for, which will surely bring in some customers for Lets Talk. Who’s grabbing the Nexus tomorrow? Will you be using Lets Talk? Let us know in the comments!

via BGR; Lets Talk

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