Verizon says 4G LTE issue is resolved

Yesterday, reports started flooding in that Verizon’s 4G LTE network had suffered another outage. While this one differed from the previous two accounts of the network having some hiccups, in that it wasn’t as widespread, it certainly hit plenty of people all over the United States. While Verizon was forward about the outage, most folks have no idea why this keeps happening. This is the third such outage within the month of December alone.

Earlier this morning, Verizon’s official Twitter news account, @VZWnews, confirmed that the company’s 4G LTE outage had been resolved over night. They also said in the same tweet that 3G operated normally, and that calling and texting were unaffected. Here’s the quoted text from the tweet:

“4GLTE issue resolved overnight. 3G operated normally; calling, texting were unaffected.”

So, while there may be some people out there across the country that are still experiencing some issues, it looks like Verizon has their 4G LTE network back up and running in this morning.

via @VZWnews

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