Verizon’s new trade-in program offsets your smartphone spending (in select areas)

For all you people out there with an old Android device that you would like to replace, you may be in luck. Though the deal is restricted to customers that are in the southern region of the US, Verizon has started a program wherein they will give you up to $300 in store credit for turning in your old smartphone. The credit can be used to purchase anything from Big Red whether its a phone, accessory, or even pay a monthly bill.

The new In Store Trade-In program was officially announced by the Director of Retail Sales based in Houston today. He assured consumers that it is a direct, face-to-face trade wherein you would walk in with your old phone and you would get a gift card on the spot. That’s right, no dealing with forms, no mail-in rebates, and no hassle. Of course, they won’t be giving you $300 bucks for a phone that isn’t worth it so the trade is contingent upon the evaluation of your phone by a certified Verizon rep. In any case, if you want that new Galaxy Nexus or have had your eyes on another Android device, go hunt down some old smartphones and run into a Verizon store today.

via ZDNet

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