[Video] Verizon Galaxy Nexus Shows Off Camera, Wallpapers, and More

We can’t remember a more excruciating waiting process for a phone like the Galaxy Nexus in recent memory. The DROID Bionic was pretty bad, but that was a Moto UI phone. We’re talking about pure Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich here, and Verizon just keeps taunting us.

Next up in “Things to Watch While We Wait for the Galaxy Nexus” is a video showing off the camera, wallpapers (live and static), and factory reset animation. Basically what you’ll see in the video is the same things you’re used to drooling over in the HSPA+ model. A very fast camera, some beautiful wallpapers, and a nifty little factory reset animation.

It’s beginning to look like this phone may finally be coming. More and more retailers have been reporting shipments, retail packaging has been seen, and the thing even showed up in NYC Samsung stores. December 9th may be the day to watch.

via Droid-Life

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