Voodoo Carrier IQ lets you find out if your phone has Carrier IQ

The situation with Carrier IQ has turned from a regular brouhaha to an all-out worrisome situation. People are worried about their private data being stored by someone –anyone–, especially some company like Carrier IQ. Things like key strokes, for example. And while some carriers are out-right denying any involvement with the data logging service, some aren’t so lucky. Specifically, it looks like our favorite phones are the main target.

So, if you want to find out if your phone has Carrier IQ on it, but you don’t feel like rooting your device, then here’s what you need: Voodoo Carrier IQ. It’s an application you can download from the Android Market (just go through the source link below), and as we said above, it doesn’t mean you need to root your phone. However, with that said, this particular app will only tell you if you’ve got Carrier IQ on your phone, and it won’t shut it off.

via LifeHacker; Android Market

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