Win a GSM Samsung Galaxy Nexus!

Not too long ago, we reviewed the GSM-based version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. So you know that we think the Galaxy Nexus is the best Android phone out there right now (and could be for a little while into the New Year, too). We’ve known ever since we received the GSM version of the device that we were going to give it away to our fantastic readers, and now that time is finally upon us.

This is the biggest giveaway we’ve done all year, and so this one’s a bit different. The contest will be divided into two phases, but we cannot have the second phase without the first being completed. In the first phase, a couple of parameters need to be met, involving Twitter and Facebook. Once –and if– the first phase is met, then we can move on to the second, where we will give away the GSM Galaxy Nexus by Samsung. So go ahead and read below and find out what the rules are for the first phase of the giveaway!

Rules of the Galaxy Nexus giveaway – Phase 1

  • 1. The official DroidDog Twitter account must reach 3,000 followers by December 29th, 2011. You can follow the account at @DroidDog.
  • 2. The official DroidDog Facebook page must reach 65,000 “likes” by December 29th, 2011. You can find the official Facebook page right here.

Those are the first two steps in the GSM Samsung Galaxy Nexus giveaway from DroidDog. On the 29th of December, 2011, we will check to make sure that the needed amount of followers “likes” have been met. If they have, then we will move on to the next stage! (And that’s the stage where someone actually wins the Galaxy Nexus!)

So start spreading the word! If we reach the necessary requirements before the 29th, then we will more than likely run the contest early as well, so keep that in mind! If you’ve been wanting to get your hands on the GSM-based version of the Galaxy Nexus, but haven’t wanted to spend the money to get it, here’s your chance to win one!

Best of luck!

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