Wireless Tether update brings rooted Galaxy Nexus WiFi love

The steady stream of Galaxy Nexus news doesn’t seem to stop. Well, the latest we have to report is music to the ears of all you lucky owners out there. Seems like our favorite wireless tethering app (Wireless Tether) was updated and wouldn’t you know, it’s working perfectly. Unfortunately, no such luck for those of you that haven’t attempted a root yet, but you can hope!

As many of you know, wireless tethering is a feature that is restricted by carriers. Though every Android phone with a WiFi antenna is perfectly capable of deploying a network to connect your various devices to the cloud, carriers choose to charge their customers for using the data plan they already purchased in a WiFi network setting. Though carriers have had success in blocking wireless tethering for various phones and various platforms, for now, the Galaxy Nexus coasts for free.

via Droid Life

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