Yahoo Enters the Free Messaging Game with Yahoo Hub

Some people just want to be a part of everything, and apparently Yahoo is one of them. Not content to stand by and watch the likes of BBM, iMessage, and Google Messenger dominate the free messaging service landscape they have created their own app. The app is called ‘Hub’ and it’s available for all Android phones. It allows you to send messages to not only people with the app, but other people as well. Someone who doesn’t have Hub can reply to your messages with SMS messages.

To use the app you need a U.S. cell phone and a texting plan, but don’t worry, Hub only uses mobile data. The obvious upside to this service is you can communicate with people who don’t use the app. That’s something most of the competition can’t claim. The only question is will anyone want to switch? And are Android users using these services, or is it more of a BlackBerry thing?

via Engadget

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