3rd party Steam apps disappear from the Market, official app most likely to blame

Last week the large game developer Valve released an official Steam app into the Android Market in beta form, allowing users that applied to access their account and try out some new mobile features. Before the app was released, there were other apps in the Market that offered similar access to the service. Now, most of those apps have disappeared, with no word on what happened to them. Valve is probably to blame, wanting to provide the only app in the Market.

It’s alarming that Valve is doing this, as they have released the Steam API for anyone to incorporate into their apps. By getting the other apps removed, they are just creating a monopoly for themselves. Granted, the official Steam app probably has more functionality than others, but variety is what makes Android so great. The apps might find themselves in a new home in different markets, but we doubt that will get the same amount of downloads. Who’s mad that the Steam apps were removed? Should corporations be allowed to do that? Let us know in the comments!

via DroidGamers

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