Amazon Kindle Fire estimated to have shipped 6 million units in the fall by analyst

We know that the Kindle Fire by Amazon has made a significant impact on the tablet market with its low price tag, and there are plenty of people out there who believe that it may have made a pretty good dent in Apple’s iPad sales at the tail-end of last year, too. But, according to a new research note by Stifel Nicolaus analyst Jordan Rohan, it looks like Amazon may have moved quite a few Android-based Kindle Fire tablets in the fall of 2011. Somewhere to the tune of 6 million, in fact.

As far as Amazon is concerned, the digital retailer seems pretty pleased with their first tablet device. At it’s $200 price point, there’s no denying that the already large fan base of Amazon customers have picked up the device, and sales from the tablet are assumed to rake in quite a few bucks per device for Amazon. On Tuesday, Amazon is set to talk about their quarterly earnings, but it is unknown as to how much detail the company will go into when talking about the Kindle Fire, or how its sales have been in specific terms.

via Electronista

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