Amazon tripled customers of their Appstore in Q4

Amazon has been trying to push their Android Market alternative known as the Appstore for awhile now, and last quarter it finally paid off. Amazon tripled the number of Appstore customers in Q4 of last year, and the Kindle Fire is most likely to blame. For those unfamiliar, the only app store pre-loaded on the Kindle Fire is Amazon’s very own, and the tablet has been a massive success. Anyone else with an Android device can also download the Appstore, and access all of the features like the free app of the day.

Amazon is finally making an alternative market that can compete with others like the Android Market and iOS App Store, and it may eventually pose as a serious threat. Tripling the number of customers in any industry is nothing to joke about, showing Amazon and its investors that the app market is a good way of making profit. More developers will probably begin to submit apps, as the more ways to download an app should lead to better sales. Do you use the Amazon Appstore? Is there another alternative market you think can compete? Let us know in the comments!

via IntoMobile ; Amazon

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