Amazon’s Kindle Fire dents iPad sales to the tune of 2 million units

Well it’s an estimate but it looks like Apple’s brazen promise that Android tablet sales would not affect sales of their own brain child the iPad was utterly and completely wrong. In fact, Apple predicted that the sales of the iPad 2 would go up because of all the “sub-par” tablets on the market in conjunction with the widespread adoption of the tablet as a media consumption device. Analysts are now saying that the Kindle Fire, just by its lonesome was able to “steal away” approximately 2 million from iPad’s quarterly numbers. The original project for the iPad in the end of 2011 was 16 million units. Now, it looks like that number is closer to 13 million with 2 million sales going to the Kindle Fire, and 1 million being chopped up between the various Android tablets available on the market.

If you’re asking why? That isn’t a question that can be answered in a simple way. Of course, one of the major, undeniable factors, was pricing. The myriad of Android offerings ensures competition and keeps price manageable. In addition, with budget alternatives like the Kindle Fire or the Nook Tablet (not to mention the many others), manufacturers are undercutting Apple’s tablets by a wide margin. In addition, it is no secret that Android is a lot more flexible when it comes to working with media and internet consumption which makes it the logical choice for those who want to be free of iTunes hell and restrictions on content playback. In any case, we would not be surprised to see the iPad’s numbers continue to drop, especially with widespread adoption of Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) right on the horizon.

via Android Authority

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