Android Market hits new milestone with 400,000 apps and nearly 100,000 developers

Well, all roads lead up and the Android Market is really moving now. After recently surpassing the 10 billion download mark, then racking over a billion downloads during the holidays, we have a new stat to cheer about. It looks like the unofficial count of apps on the market is up past 400,000 as of a few years ago. Metrics also seem to indicate that we should be reaching that 100,000 active developer count soon. Distimo,  a Dutch-based research firm, has released a report that looks at the Android Market and Apple’s App Store’s growth.

Apple’s App Store hit 400,000 available apps in June 2011 which is half a year earlier than Android. However, when comparing that to the time that the App Store has been active versus the time that Google’s Android Market has been active, that stat seems to lose a bit of its luster. The Android Market has been really on a roll in the last few months. Based on the report, it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume the Android Market will surpass its iOS counterpart by the end of 2012. That means two things… First, Android users will have a huge pool of apps to use and second, we can finally stop hearing about how iOS has more apps than Android which is just great.

via Androinica

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