Android Market hosts pirated books, quickly removed

We’ve seen all sorts of things turn up in the Android Market, from apps containing viruses to others allowing illegal download of music. A new contender has entered, this time in the form of pirated e-books. Multiple titles of popular series like Harry Potter and Vampire Diaries, as well as 4 novels by Stephen King and another 14 by Patricia Cornwell. All were in the form of poorly made apps (featuring ads) by a developer named UKER.

Google was quick to remove the apps, but they still gained popularity while available in the Market. E-book piracy has been a huge issue for the industry as of late, and the fact that it has made its way to Android is alarming. It also poses a threat to Google itself, as they sell books in the Android Market as well as Google Books. We doubt this will be the last we see of books piracy in the Market, but that’s what comes with the freedom Google provides. What’s your stance on piracy in the Market? Should it be more restricted? Let us know in the comments below!

via Android Community

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