Apple goes after Samsung over the Galaxy Nexus unlock feature

Apple and Samsung are at it again. This time, Apple is attacking Samsung over the Galaxy Nexus’ lock-screen unlock feature. You’ve seen it in plenty of videos by now, if you’re not using it yourself. The simple method of sliding to unlock the screen has the Cupertino-based company all in a tizzy, and they’re taking legal action.

According to Apple, the Galaxy Nexus is violating a utility model, or a short-reach legal claim. This legal claim was reached in Germany back in 2006, according to Apple, which details the slide-to-unlock motion. According to Apple, the company couldn’t use the utility model until now due to the fact that phones released years ago were too new for the claim.

The hearing is set for March 16th, which is focused entirely on the utility model and whether or not it will hold in Apple’s favor.

via AllThingsD

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