Archos G9 gets in line for the Ice Cream Sandwich update

Archos has been in the tablet game for awhile, even before Android starting nibbling away at the iPad’s market share. In any case, Archos is a name know around the world now and it looks like they’re showing Android 4.0 (ICS) a lot of love. Archos announced that they would be launching updates to ICS in Q1 of 2012. That time frame coincides with the release of their G9 tablets in February. Want the great news? Well, it looks like Archos is going to be shipping tablets with ICS right out of the box by the end of February which is great news. If you don’t know, the G9 will be released with a 1.5 GHz dual-core CPU instead of the previously reported 1.2GHz flavor. Want more information? So do we, and we promise that when we know, you’ll know. Until then, we just play the waiting game.

via Android Guys

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