ASUS Eee Pad rumored to get a 7-inch version

While ASUS may not be a household name here in the States, their presence in the Android market is an obvious one. The company has seen some very impressive sales within their Eee Pad Transformer lineage of devices, as many believe they are the best tablets out there running Google’s mobile (tablet) OS. With the Transformer Prime starting to find its way into some people’s hands right at the start of the New Year, rumors are starting to heat up again that the manufacturer has a smaller version of their tablet coming down the pipe.

According to a new report out of Notebook Italia the first product render of ASUS’ 7-inch version of their Eee Pad line-up has broken the surface. As you can see in the image, and if you’ve ever looked at a larger version of the Transformer line-up, then you can tell that the 7-inch version has some minor aesthetic changes and design cues. What we can see at the bottom of the device, though, is a row of connectors which suggest that the keyboard dock is a planned accessory for the device, just as it is for the larger versions.

Not much else is known about the tablet. However, the initial report suggests that the small device will be making its presence known at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. So if you were hoping that ASUS would release a 7-inch version of their powerful tablets, perhaps this year is your lucky year.

via Notebook Italia

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