ASUS Padfone a definite at Mobile World Congress

The Padfone from ASUS has been a talked-about device for a long while now, and we recently heard that ASUS was planning to unveil the newly designed device at this year’s Mobile World Congress. Sure enough, the company has released an official invite to their MWC event, where it is now a definite that the Padfone will be one of the main takeaways.

ASUS is looking to change the game with the Padfone, especially with its docking functionality. We’ve watched ASUS dock a keyboard with a laptop, and now we’re going to watch as the Padfone docks with a tablet. Will it change the market? It’s possible. Let’s just hope that when the Padfone does finally emerge, it isn’t a letdown. Stay tuned!

via PhoneDog

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