ASUS Taiwan suggests that bootloader unlock tool is incoming

We’re still waiting for ASUS to make an official statement regarding the locked bootloader, it looks like ASUS Taiwan decided to make their own statement regarding the situation. Not surprisingly, the company looks to be moving towards an unlock tool. While it probably would have been a bit easier to just unlock it from the get-go, though, we won’t second guess the company’s supposed plans.

Here is the official statement:

“Cause you inconvenience, sorry! And bootloader function of blockade, main due to is many media service publishers requirements security protection of mechanism to protection digital content (DRM digital copyright management); also, has in view of past first generation deformation flat experience, user itself cracked (Root) machine Hou, may led machine damaged even cannot using, therefore ASUS in extreme deformation offset above plus has bootloader of encryption protection, to support digital content of audio leased function and while protection machine stability. But at the same time, ASUS also heard from many users still want to be able to increase permissions, unlocked bootloader demand therefore Asus is also being actively developed as soon as possible-only unlock procedure, subject to the procedures developed will release to provide professional-grade players more freedom and openness of the platform, enjoy the ultimate experience of lithography extreme deformation. (Use unlocking program unlock bootloader after protection, part of the digital audio/visual rental service will be unable to use, the machines are no longer protected by bootloader, users consent to give up the original warranty, asking the user to pay special attention to this effect) thank user support, and happy happy new year”

The translation is rough, and we’re taking it at face value right now. We’re still waiting for ASUS to make that statement, and hopefully we don’t have tow ait long.

via ASUS Taiwan Facebook; Droid-Life

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