ASUS Transformer Prime gets the teardown treatment

While the ASUS Transformer Prime is one of the most anticipated tablets out there, and it’s generally loved by anyone who gets their hands on it, the device is certainly marred by all sorts of trouble. From both the legal standpoint, to a more curious position with the modding community, and plenty of troubles with WiFi and GPS, the device hasn’t had an unscathed launch. Now, thanks to a teardown of the quad-core tablet, it has been confirmed that the very construction of the device is what is causing those GPS problems.

Unlike the original Transformer, the Prime is made of aluminum, which is a known problem for wireless signals. That seems to be the main problem behind the Transformer Prime’s GPS situation, which ASUS has confirmed in their own statement. The manufacturer has also removed the GPS feature from the list of specifications for the tablet, which should be a huge move of good faith to anyone buying the tablet. Head on through the source link below to learn more about the construction of the tablet.

via Anandtech

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