ASUS Transformer Prime has a locked bootloader

WiFi issues, GPS issues, and rumored delays. That was just the beginning for the next tablet giant from ASUS. The quad-core tablet, the ASUS Transformer Prime, most recently landed in the controversy pile of news when it became known that Hasbro was suing the manufacturer due to the Transformer Prime name, for obvious reasons. But, now it looks like ASUS is in the mud again, this time with the vocal Android modding community at the head.

Apparently, the Transformer Prime has a locked bootloader. That would still be an issue, and one that the Android community vocalized, if the device featured 3G-connectivity, but it doesn’t. Which means that the folks out there in the wild are even louder about the issue, with no conceivable reason as to why ASUS wouldn’t want people to have the option to use customized ROMs.

But, we’ve seen other companies lock bootloaders, and they eventually caved. So, will ASUS do the same thing? We’ll just have to wait and find out.

via SlashGear

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