Best Galaxy Nexus Accessories [Video]

The Galaxy Nexus has been in the hands of the public for nearly a month today. While the phone is still being sold in stores and online, Verizon somehow managed so continue to botch the launch with a severe lack of stock of Galaxy Nexus accessories. Verizon’s 2100mAh extended battery, car dock and desktop docks have been mysteriously difficult to find in the past few weeks. Nobody really knows why Verizon chose not to stock the accessories the same way they stocked the phone, and it’s unknown whether or not these items will be sold properly anytime soon. In fact, the Galaxy Nexus extended battery and desktop dock don’t show up yet on the Verizon’s own online accessories store.

So without any further ado, here are the best of the best third party accessories for your (probably naked) Galaxy Nexus.

Video from MKBHD:

Video from WilsonTech1:

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