Blackberry Playbook receiving access to Android apps starting February 6

RIM has stated that they would be bringing Android apps to their tablet known as the Playbook, but it has mostly been an empty promise. The feature will finally become a reality come February 6, as that’s when RIM will be dropping the Playbook OS 2.0 update. That app will include Blackberry Runtime for Android apps, which will allow Android apps on the tablet. Not everything is as great as it sounds however, as RIM is imposing some strict limitations.

The Android Market will not be included on the tablet, and it sounds like RIM will be selling the apps in their very own Blackberry App World. Apps must be submitted to RIM before entering the App World, and include a few requirements. The apps may not mention Android in any part, they must have a minimum platform requirement of the Playbook, apps must be signed, and no links to the Android Market can be included. While it’s great that RIM if offering access to Android apps, we doubt many developers will want to modify their apps to meet the requirements. How do you feel about RIM’s restrictions? Are they setting themselves up for failure? Let us know in the comments!

via SlashGear

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