Brass Monkey to turn your Android device into a gaming controller

Innovation. Really, its the root of all advancement when it comes to mobile platforms. Six months ago, Brass Monkey had built and released some SDKs for Android and iOS. What do these SDKs do? Well, the firm is trying to develop a method in which developers can utilize Android and iOS devices as game controllers for games that are developed using Flash, Unity3D, and other desktop games and apps.

Today, we learned that the company has managed to raise $750K in seed financing from a group of investors. In addition, the CEO has revealed that they have already begun raising series A financing while continuing talks with big venture capital firms to generate some more money to play with. The Boston-based Brass Monkey was a finalist in the 2010 MassChallenge, a competition for startups and the CEO has recently revealed that an Android app will be ready by March.

So ever wanted your Android device to be a Wiimote-like controller for games across a variety of platforms? Well, it looks like that dream will soon become a reality. No word yet on what sort of titles we might see when this thing gets launched but we’re sure it’s going to rock our socks. We’ll just have to see if those proverbial socks get rocked enough to jump off our feet.

via Tech Crunch

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