processes credit cards with no peripherals

If you’re a fan of all types of tech, chances are, you’ve heard of Square. If you haven’t, Square is a company that released an iPhone peripheral that allows people to scan credit cards and process payments. Now, that’s all fine and dandy, but do we really need additional hardware to do that? Apparently doesn’t think so. has released an Android alternative for credit card payment processing and all you need is a camera on your device. Since cameras are really an industry standard, that means that regardless of what phone/device you have, will play nice.

So you want to know how? Well, it’s just like any other photo-recognition software. You hold your card up to your camera, try not to shake too much, and your phone does the rest. It will scan your info and process any payments or purchases using the information. Now, the other thing that did was make their SDK available to third party developers which probably means, we may start seeing this tech in various apps that are in and will be in the Android Market. So if you want to give it a spin, check out their page in the Android Market.

via Engadget

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