ClockworkMod Recovery Touch teased in video

ClockworkMod Recovery has been a trusted source for the development and modding community for quite some time now. There are other touch-based recovery screens out there, even ones that are based on ClockworkMod Recovery, but they aren’t the same thing. That’s why it’s good to see Koush giving his own demonstration of ClockworkMod Recovery Touch in a nice little video.

And while it is good to see the demo on video, to see how the touch-based version of the popular recovery screen will work, there is some bad news in there: you can’t download it yet. However, while you can’t get your hands on it yet, the build that Koush displays in the video is pretty good, and shows the build working well. Go ahead and check it out below, and let us know what you think.

via Koushik Google+

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