ClockworkMod Tether Alpha brings USB internet connectivity sans root

This morning at 12:17, the Android community rejoiced. Now, if you weren’t a part of that celebration it’s because you didn’t know that one of the best things that could have happened to the platform, happened. Of course, I am not talking about an NYE celebration, I am talking about ClockworkMod Tether Alpha. Koushik Dutta, the mind behind ClockworkMod Recovery and ROM manager has released an app that promises to provide a permanent USB tethering solution.

Dutta released the app which requires a separate client-side PC/Mac download that creates a virtual network adapter on the computer leveraging the USB internet connection. That’s the bad news, the good news is that this amazing app requires no root access. Even with carriers constantly working to stop internet tethering so that they can charge customers for a feature on a phone they have already purchased, Dutta promises that there is no way for the carriers to identify that your computer is being tethered, once he’s done making the app which is currently in alpha development. Future updates will also include Bluetooth support and a work around for carriers checking user agent strings on your device.

via Android Police

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