CyanogenMod 7 gets Amazon Kindle Fire’s Silk Browser

Looks like the developers over at XDA Devs are back at work. Today, we are reporting on TyHi’s work on development surrounding the Amazon Kindle Fire’s Silk Browser. For those that don’t know, the Silk Browser has been generating buzz because it leverages Amazon’s cloud services to bring faster web performance to its proprietary browser. This is not unlike the process that Opera uses to load webpages from their servers to decrease the load time for end users.

Well, TyHi has released a Silk Browser package that can be installed on CyanogenMod 7. That means that if you have a rooted device and you’re running the custom ROM, you’ll be able to experience what the Silk Browser is like on your Device. Now, the install is not for those who aren’t comfortable navigating around the file system of your device. However, it is not difficult and if you can install an APK without your device blowing up, it should be relatively simple to get it started up. If you’re a CM7 user, please install the browser and let us know how it works out!

via XDA Developers

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