CyanogenMod Team contemplates a root/banned-app store

Looks like some action on the Google+ yesterday. One of the members of the CyanogenMod team, Koushik Dutta, posted an interesting idea on the CyanogenMod Google+ account. The post outlined a plan to develop a separate app store that would bring root-access-required apps and apps banned from the Market together, not unlike Cydia for the iOS platform which brings apps that require the iPhone to be jailbroken.

Dutta’s vision included an App marketplace that would generate revenue for the CyanogenMod team in addition to allowing developers to continue their efforts without worrying about Google using the veto stick on an app they developed for hours, days, and even months. They would also use the platform for supplying apps that get booted from the Market due to carrier restrictions or Google’s own summary judgements. The CM’s application market would be included in releases of CyanogenMod and of course, being true to its open source nature, it would also allow other ROM developers to include the CM store in their own custom builds. Now, there is no official word yet, but does this sound like an awesome idea to anyone else?

via CyanogenMod Team

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