Dell Streak 7 gets update with fixes in tow

The Dell Streak 7, one of those early tablets that never quite took off. One of the biggest problems with the tablet was that it lagged on updates and fixes. The Streak 7 got the Android 3.0 update (Gingerbread) back in October, but obviously, if you own a Streak 7 you’ll know that this did not fix all the bugs. Well it looks like Dell stepped up and though it’s a bit late, is ready to fix at least some of your issues.

The update can be found on Dell’s servers here. Once you download the update, copy it to your SD card and turn off your Streak 7 tablet. Boot into recovery by holding the volume up button and the power button. Finally, select the option to apply the update package and you’re all set! Let us know how this works out and if anything slipped through the cracks. Let’s try to get Dell moving a bit faster in delivering us these fixes.

via Android Central

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