Eric Schmidt believes Android isn’t fragmented

Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt stopped by CES yesterday, and gave a few words on Android’s fragmentation. He claimed that the OS isn’t fragmented, but “differentiated”. He further supports this by saying that fragmentation is when an app runs on one device but not the other, something he believes Android doesn’t have an issue with. He also goes on that manufacturers are allowed to tweak Android as long as apps are still compatible.

Even with the release of Ice Cream Sandwich, many carriers and manufacturers are still debating whether or not to update their handsets to the newest OS version. While Schmidt claims that there isn’t fragmentation on Android, there is. Only certain phones can run certain games, and there are still apps that require specific phones to simply use it. Hopefully Google will put off its next update for awhile, so we won’t see anymore gaps like this. How do you feel about Android fragmentation? Is it a major problem? Let us know in the comments!

via PCMag

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