Galaxy Nexus gets a 4G toggle widget

Some big releases turn out to be utterly useless and some small releases become the catalysts for major change. This would be an example of the latter. Now, while a 4G toggle widget doesn’t seem like a big deal to some, those that use their 4G devices heavily on a daily basis know that controlling how your phone transfers data is crucial. Unless of course, you love it when your phone dies on you.

Enter Team BAMF. If you remember, Team BAMF was the group of developers to bring the 4G toggle widget to the HTC Thunderbolt. Well, they’ve done it again, this time for the Galaxy Nexus. Keep in mind that this is an early beta release and admittedly, there are some issues:

This is in beta release right now. If there are any issues, let me know.


  • Do not use the menu accessed from *#*#4636#*#* (it’s not intended for use anyhow). This widget uses a mode that will crash that menu. You can use the one in Phone settings under Wireless and Networks instead.
  • Switching between network modes takes some time
  • Make sure you have an LTE signal when using the toggle else it may get stuck in LTE only mode (this will be remedied in a future release)
  • The widget is locked while the animation is on because it is in the middle of toggling

In any case, if you’re ready to jump on the train, you can get the widget by clicking here. If you would like a bit more background and a place to report bugs, feel free to head over to the related post on Team BAMF’s forum.

via Talk Android

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