Galaxy Note S-Pen dissected and examined

Ever wondered what the inside of the Galaxy Note S-Pen looks like? Well wonder no more. Contributor Ravindra9 on XDA Developers has taken it upon (his/her)self to investigate the internals and post their findings on the developer portal. What’s inside? Well, let’s go down the list…

  1. The Nib – the component that actually touches the surface you are writing on
  2. The Cap – holds Nib into place, much like the front tip on a regular ball-point pen
  3. The Ring – a rubber gasket that separates the cap and the coil of the electronic circuit pictured as component 4a.
  4. The Coil (a) & Circuit (b) – this houses the one button that the device has and the internal components
  5. End of pen – the tail end of the S-Pen
  6. External Button – the one hardware button on the peripheral
  7. The Main Body

Now, unless you have a spare S-Pen lying about, we recommend that you do not attempt this at home. If you choose to ignore our warning and move forward with your own dissection, remember that the hardware button needs to be tweezer-ed out for the rest of the components to escape their plastic prison.

via XDA Developers

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