Game On brings pool of save games straight to your Android device

Gaming has become a big part of the Android platform. This is doubly true in the recent months with the advances in Android hardware we are seeing. With all the development that is happening, there is one issue that has yet to be addressed by any developers and that issue is save games. Let’s paint a picture. Say you’re playing Angry Birds and you come across a level that is just too difficult to complete. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just leave that level be and come back to it after completing some other ones? What happens when you have to wipe your phone? Does starting a game from square one sound appealing? Didn’t to us either.

Well, it looks like Game On has an answer for you. While it is only in its beta stages, Game On is a new Android application that basically aggregates a pool of save games for about 60 different titles released on the Android Market right now. While the app is still in its beta stages, it is not bad. Unfortunately, this is only currently available for our community of rooted users, the company promises a non-root version in the first half of 2012.

via Android Police

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