Gameloft’s The Adventures of Tintin HD causing some Android users heartache

There is a game of the Market right now developed by Gameloft (a prolific game developer for the Android platform) called The Adventures of Tintin HD. It is also one of the titles that are on sale through this week for the bargain basement price of $.99 cents. Now, that’s all fine and dandy, but it looks like some wires got crossed in the Market or by Gameloft because what people are seeing isn’t what people are getting. Let us explain.

Now, if you look at the pictures above, you can clearly see a huge discrepancy between the screenshots in the Market that advertise the game and the actual game itself. The really weird thing is, while they are advertising it as a 3D HD game, and people are getting an 8-bit stand in, this hasn’t affected all users. Some users, based on reviews, have indeed been able to download the actual game pictured in the Market link. Unfortunately, there has not been an official statement from Gameloft nor any real quantifiable reason that this is happening. It is also not localized to one or two devices. A cursory examination of posted reviews shows that people are being affected across a wide spectrum of devices including the Motorola Xoom, Galaxy Nexus, Xperia X10, the Photon 4G, and others.

It does look like Gameloft is aware of the problem. Since this issue has been occurring, users with a Galaxy Nexus report that the game has been pulled from the Market. No word on refunds yet, but if Gameloft wants to continue to offer games that people will WANT to buy, this should be rectified as soon as humanly possible.

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