Google lands over 200 patented and patent pending IPs from IBM

Anyone else think that there were way too many stories about legal issues in 2011? So did we and apparently, so did Google. The internet search giant recently revealed a deal in which IBM turned over 188 patents and 29 published pending patent applications from IBM’s massive portfolio. The patents range from servers, data caching, and video conferencing, to IMs, and even a phone patent that reads suspiciously like the definition of a smartphone in a dictionary.

It looks like Google is arming itself against the likes of Apple who has pushed lawsuits to a new level of frivolity, as proven by several instances including one in which they asked the Suwon-based manufacturer, Samsung, to make tablets that aren’t rectangular and are not easy to use. In any case, one of the most interesting patents is one for what IBM called a “computer phone” at the time…

Computer phone


A computer integrated cordless phone. The phone can include a cordless handset transceiver configured for coupling to an antenna shared with a wireless network adapter through a multiplexer/demultiplexer so that both of the cordless handset transceiver and the wireless network adapter transmit and receive data within a common wireless frequency spectrum. In a preferred embodiment, the cordless handset transceiver can include a further configuration for coupling to a central processing unit, audio processing circuitry and power supply within a computing device shared with the wireless network adapter. Notably, the common wireless frequency spectrum can include the ISM frequency band.

Sounds like a can of worms is about to be opened up doesn’t it? Anyone else think that Google made the right move? Should Google take a page from Apple’s book and start suing Apple and RIM for violating the patent on “computer phones”.  I can’t speak to this issue one way or another. I will say that there needs to be a better system in terms of how we deal with infringement of intellectual property. That being said, good job Google, it looks like you have the all right elements.

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