Google Sky Map development ceased, going open source

One of the first times I used an Android phone, Google Sky Maps was one of the apps that really hooked me in. Never before had I seen a phone’s software take such advantage of the hardware, and it really amazed me. It made me feel like my new iPhone 3GS was outdated, and that I had to have an Android phone. Fast forward to now, and that very app is getting all major development ceased.

Google Sky Maps have turned in to one of the most popular apps on Android, as it has always provided a certain “wow” factor to the devices. Google has decided otherwise, and has just thrown in the towel for the project. It isn’t all in vain, however, as Google is open sourcing the app. It’s still a sad day to see one of the first major showcase apps of Android go down. The app has garnered over 20 million downloads.

Google still has plans for the app, as it will be working with Carnegie Melon University to have students continue development of the app. Hopefully this will lead to great new things, and new versions of the app. Perhaps a live wallpaper based on the app could be made possible. For whatever happens, Google Sky Maps will always remain as one of Android’s original unique apps. How do you feel about Google ceasing development on Sky Maps? Are you happy it is now open source? Let us know in the comments!

via Android Community; Google Blog

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