Google trying to eliminate Menu button, replace with Action Bar

Android has historically required three buttons on a device: Home, Back, and Menu. Starting with Honeycomb, Google started to eliminate that menu button with its new Action Bar. It appears that they really like that idea, as it has just been announced on the developers blog that they would like to remove the menu key from Android. Instead they would like the Action Bar to become a more integrated solution among all apps, in the idea to make a better Android

To clarify, Android is not removing the menu button features. The Action Bar acts as a onscreen menu button, and are the three dots you sometimes see in Ice Cream Sandwich. Google would just like to move towards the use of that, just as they have with the use of onscreen buttons versus the traditional hardware ones. It’s good to see that Google is trying to get all developers on board. Sad that the Menu button is leaving? Is the Action Bar better? Let us know in the comments!

via Android Developers Blog; Android Central

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