Grand Theft Auto III for Android updated to version 1.3, now supports Transformer Prime

Grand Theft Auto III is one of the most popular games on Android, specifically due to the fact that it’s an almost full port of the PlayStation 2 title released so many years ago. It isn’t available for every device out there, though, and up until recently owners of ASUS’ Transformer Prime were left out in the cold. But that changes today with a brand new update that brings the version to 1.3.

Adding hardware support for the quad-core Transformer Prime isn’t the only thing new to the table, though. It also adds some software tweaks and improvements, as well as some technical fixes. Additionally, you’ll also be able to save the game to a microSD card, which should be good news for anyone who was running out of room on their phone’s internal storage. The update is available now in the Android Market, so go ahead and head through the Market source link below to get your download on.

via Engadget; Android Market

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