HP TouchPad boots Ice Cream Sandwich, still has a long way to go

All owners of the HP TouchPad have been waiting patiently for an Ice Cream Sandwich port to their discontinued tablet. Some progress has been made however, as developer tigerdavid has successfully booted the new Android version onto his tablet. It isn’t what you’d expect though, as the UI immediately crashes. The touchscreen isn’t working either, so the only thing he can do is force close everything.

This progress was quick, as he got it to boot after only 4 days of work. Much more will have to be done before it can be a complete ROM, but progress is still good to see. The developer also goes out of his way to say that he expects CM9 for the TouchPad to be completed before his ROM is, but he isn’t going to give up. Who’s excited for Ice Cream Sandwich on their TouchPad? Are you happy with webOS? Let us know in the comments!

via XDA

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