HP TouchPad shown running CyanogenMod 9

Owners of the discontinued HP TouchPad have been patiently wait for an Android port of the latest Ice Cream Sandwich, and it shouldn’t be too much longer. A video has just been released of the tablet running CyanogenMod 9, and things are looking pretty polished. Almost everything is working, and is very smooth for a tablet that originally ran webOS. There are only two issues, video playback isn’t working, and neither is the front-facing camera. Both are currently being worked on, and should be functional in the final build.

The video demonstrates multiple things, like web browsing and a quick game of Angry Birds. Just about everything runs perfectly, and there is little to no lag. There currently isn’t a way to download the ROM, and the CyanogenMod team have stated that it will be released as soon as CyanogenMod 9 gets an official release. This shouldn’t be too long of a wait, with the release expected soon. Who has an HP TouchPad running Android? Excited for CyanogenMod 9? Let us know in the comments!

via Android Police
image via PhoneDog

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