HTC planning to unveil quad-core phones at Mobile World Congress

CES is just around the corner, and this coming year will be big for mobile tech. Now that Nvidia’s Tegra 3 quad-core processor is out, we’re just waiting for manufacturers to throw it in more devices. A report recently released is telling us that HTC is planning on launching multiple quad-core phones at Mobile World Congress in Febuary. The processor of choice will be the Tegra 3, marking the first time in recent history that HTC has gone with a different OEM for a processor in its phones.

Some people who were looking forward to the first quad-core phones at CES may be a little let down, but it’s anyone’s guess on what will be released this year. Hopefully we will see a slew of new Ice Cream Sandwich devices, and we have no doubt that HTC will be joining in on the action. We just have to wait, it will only be another week. Do you think we’ll see quad-core phones at CES? What are your other predictions? Let us know in the comments!

via BGR; Digitimes

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