HTC Turkey’s Facebook page outlines Ice Cream Sandwich updates

Some of the world’s most popular smartphone and tablet manufacturers are starting to turn to their social networking outlets to post some very interesting news. And, considering the global positioning of these companies, it shouldn’t be a surprise that some of the more international social networking pages get to update this information before we see the same information revealed here locally.

That’s what we’re getting today with HTC Turkey’s Facebook page. The company has showcased a nice table with plenty of HTC-branded devices on it, all outlining when, or if, they’ll be getting the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update. Two of the most interesting stand-outs on the list are the HTC Rezound, which was released as “an Ice Cream Sandwich-ready device,” and that hasn’t changed. The manufacturer is still looking at an update in January of this year, so that’s good news for anyone out there who purchased the device.

The other interesting device? The HTC ThunderBolt. Considering its precarious position within the market, it is good news to see that HTC is apparently “confirming” a quarter two update to Android 4.0 for the device. That’s great news for anyone out there who still owns the device. It looks like HTC is aiming high for updates to Android 4.0 with their already released devices, and that’s good news all around.

via VZBuzz

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