HTC’s Q4 numbers discouraging; year-over-year numbers not so much

Well, it’s not as bad as the headline makes it out to be but HTC’s growth streak has come to an end. The company used to sit atop the heap with their many smartphone offerings but the 2011 numbers are out and it looks like their revenue dropped 25% from Q4 of 2010. The decline in revenue wasn’t a huge surprise, with competition in the Android mobile market heating up, it is that much harder to get a foothold, that much harder to reach the top, and that much harder to stay there.

Fortunately, n0t all news is bad news for HTC. In terms of total year-over-year earnings, they’re looking at an overall increase in revenue of 40%. Of course, that means they made more money overall, but got tripped up a little bit in the holiday season. This may have a little to do with all the new offerings that hit retailers in addition to the hype that many other phones got. In any case, we’re sure we’ll see a big showing from HTC at CES so we’ll keep our fingers crossed. Let’s see how they plan on clawing their way back into first place. Good luck HTC!

via Android and Me

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